Who We Are

Defense Pest Solutions is a company that solves customers' pest problems. Our employees are honest, hardworking individuals who treat our customers and employees like family.

What We Stand For

Defense Pest Solutions exists to provide customers with convenient and effective pest and lawn services while treating customers with integrity, honesty, empathy, and respect. DPS strives to hire and employ individuals who represent the core values during the job and in life.

Defense Pest Solutions Truck


Our core values include integrity, honesty, customer focus, and a faith/family-first attitude. We pride ourselves on being honest with the customer and the company. Productivity comes from doing what is right for both parties. Everyone involved prospers when our employees continually stay in tune with this value.


Integrity is being in a state of "wholeness" in which actions reflect qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. When this definition of integrity is at the heart of all decisions, the employee, customer, and company will be productive vessels. This vessel will continue to be an excellent career for current and future employees while providing our customers with a positive experience.


Honesty means telling the truth even if a mistake has been made. Own it and apologize. We never try to hide or cover up an error with dishonest practices. We never put making money above being honest. 

Customer Focused

We focus on making the overall customer experience a positive no matter where we are in the process. During the sale, service, payment, and cancellation process, we focus on making the customer focus positive.

Faith/Family First

The attitudes listed above are traits of wholesome people. With wholesomeness, we should treat people as Jesus did and how we would want our family treated. Nothing we do can jeopardize this.

5 Star Review

I highly recommend this company, Jason did a great job at our home.. Great service and really good prices..

Jason Rikard
Main office
5 Star Review

Defense Pest Solutions is a top notch company and I wouldn’t use anyone else. The owner and technicians are very professional and listen to your needs. In the 3 years that I have been using them I have never had to call them back! They even swipe down cobwebs inside and out!

Donna Whitten
Main office
5 Star Review

Love this company's service's so far. The technician is always nice, respectful and explains things fully. And slowly gettin results to killin off bugs.

Kristy Dear
Main office